The New Church

Our parent organization is the Washington New Church which supports us and guides our school life, sphere and curriculum.

“The mission of the Washington New Church School is to work in harmony with parents to provide a distinctively New Church education for children from junior kindergarten through grade 12.  By this we mean a complete education in natural, moral and spiritual life grounded every day in the principles of the Bible and the spiritual Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

The Kindergarten with their Noah and rainbow project.

The Kindergarten with their Noah and rainbow project.

“Our goals for the students include the preservation of innocence, moral and spiritual integrity, self-discipline, self-confidence, academic excellence, a cheerful acceptance of the dispensations of Providence, and the happiness that comes from a life of useful service to others.”

Your Meeting with the Pastor

Because the mission of the school, and indeed the whole curriculum, is based on the particular teachings of the church, whenever parents inquire about enrollment one of the first things we ask is that you come and meet with us about the church.

Mike and Emme MorfawThis is not intended as a test or challenge, and membership of the church is certainly not required, but for the children’s sake we believe it is very important for parents and teachers to work together as much as possible, especially when it comes to our educational philosophy.

During this initial interview we will discuss the basic teachings of the New Church, compare and contrast them in key points with other Christian churches, and ask whether there is sufficient agreement on these principles to work well together (see this link to a comparison chart of beliefs).  We will offer a variety of books and literature to supplement the interview according to your interest, and invite you to join us for church services or classes at any time.  The point is not to persuade but to be as transparent as possible about what we stand for.

Once this interview has been completed, if there is basic agreement on principles, parents hoping to enroll a child will proceed through the checklist of other simple requirements, including placement testing for the student, transfer of any relevant school records, health inventories, and so on.  Our hope is that this process is welcoming, helpful and reassuring for all who inquire. Your questions and other feedback also will be appreciated throughout.

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