Providing quality education requires the dedicated services of a professional staff and resources, and your tuition covers only a portion of these expenses. Our tuition rates reflect significant subsidies already built in for every student.  These subsidies are paid out of our endowment and by generous donations from church members, alumni and friends.  

Tuition is invoiced via email starting in early August. You must request billing via regular mail.

2023-2024 Tuition

          $8,670. [1] per child

          $400 [2] per family (Parent Service Program deposit)

            $100 field trip and special event fee

            $300 [3] per child (Grades 7-8 surcharge)


  1. May 31st – Application and Registration Fee

New applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $300 ($200 discount for applications before May 31). All applications are due by May 31st.  (Jr. K and K applications will be accepted through Aug 1st).  After that your child can be put on a waiting list.

  1. August 20th – Pay Full Tuition

Pay full tuition using one of the methods listed OR apply for an Alternative Payment Plan (APP).


The preferred payment method is by automatic monthly payments through e-giving. This method is easy to manage, and it avoids the higher fees charged to the school for processing credit card payments. Tuition may also be paid by check submitted to the school secretary or credit card withdrawals processed through the e-giving website[4].


  1. Aug 20th Apply for an APP and Pay First 20% Tuition      

If you do not plan to pay tuition in full by Aug 20th, you must apply for an alternative payment plan (APP) and pay 20% of the tuition bill by August 20th.

  1. Sept 30th Monthly Payments Due

Monthly payments matching your APP are due by the end of the month with the first one due by Sept 30th and the final payment due by April 30th.


  1. Prorated Tuition: In the event that a student is enrolled less than a full year, tuition will be charged by multiplying the number of calendar months in which the student is enrolled by 1/9th of the annual tuition charge. All accounts must be settled before any records will be released in the case of a transfer to another school.
  2. Monthly Reminders: When an APP has been approved, the treasurer will send monthly email reminders if you fall behind on payments. If payments fall behind failure of the treasurer to send a reminder does not excuse any required payment.
  3. Arrears: If tuition payments are in arrears compared to APP, academic records will not be released or disclosed to any person or entity until payments once against meet an agreed upon payment schedule. Such academic records include, but are not limited to, report cards, transcripts, electronic grade reports, diplomas, and parent/teacher conferences.
    1. Non-payment of tuition by more than a month compared to the approved APP may lead to notice followed by expulsion from the current school year.
    2.  Non-payment of tuition for a student at the end of the current school year disqualifies the student for re-admission for the following school year.

[1] Tuition does not include: aftercare, uniforms, some school supplies, school lunches, rental of some textbooks. 

[2]  This amount can be fully refunded at the end of the year if the family completes and reports 20 PSP hours (see handbook)

[3] This offsets the costs of art and science supplies and additional teaching staff.

[4] – information and instructions available from the school office and will be sent with August payment information packet.