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You ever go back to places you’ve loved from your childhood, or visited the teachers who touched your life? My favorite teacher of all time was always Mrs. Carole Waelchli of the Washington New Church School from 5th grade through 8th grade. We’re talking circa 1983 to 1987. Well, on a work trip in Maryland last month, I stopped by the school on a lark and could NOT BELIEVE Mrs. Waelchli was there still teaching the luckiest kids in the world (in my estimation). To see her and then Principal Brian Smith (whom I babysat for regularly when he and his brothers were little!) was absolutely delightful. Parents in PG County who want better for their school age children seriously need to enroll them in WNCS. One of the best things my parents ever did for me and my sister (second only to bringing us to America !🇺🇸 ) #throwbackthursday. Nina Martin

“Washington New church School is an awesome place for a child to feel safe and enjoy learning. My daughter has attended this school for the last 6 years and I am amazed by how well she has learned to live a balanced life.”

“The safe and professional environment, the curriculum, the Bible instruction, and the smaller class sizes have proven to work very well for my daughter and other students in the school.”

“In Washington New Church School, students learn the importance of leadership, teamwork, and true grit.”

“The teachers and principal find ways for the students to act on principles they’ve learned in their everyday lives.  It is an amazing school with wonderful administration, and teachers who work hard daily exposing the children to the culture and customs of other countries.”

“If you are new to the area, or just looking for a change of school for your little ones, bring them to Washington New Church School.  If you have any questions please ask the school for my phone number.”  ~ Thanks Emmy Morfaw – Proud parent

“I always look forward to my parent-teacher conferences with the staff at WNCS, because the teachers are so invested in the success of my kids and I feel like we’re on the same team. They all care a lot about my kids, and I appreciate the teachers’ wise thoughts about how to bring out the best in them. It’s great to work with such experienced, grounded Christian teachers and mentors who play such an influential role in my kids’ lives.” Lincoln Smith

“My son started WNCS in 1st grade. We left public school (Woodmore Elementary) and have not looked back. Public school classrooms are sooo overcrowded and kids needing extra attention don’t often get it. My son’s classes have NEVER had more than 11 students with most of the time averaging about 9 students. He’s a much happier kid–not dreading Mondays anymore. The school has more of a family feel to it. My son is learning to do things that he probably otherwise never would have even attempted. WNCS was the definitely the right choice for us! Highly recommend anyone considering a change to check it out!”
– Posted by Parent – cward
“WNCS is in the business of educating children, both academically and spiritually. And they do an amazing job of it! From the small class sizes to the engaging and caring faculty, I can’t imagine a more nurturing environment for young minds. Three of my children have graduated from WNCS, and a fourth will graduate in a few years. WNCS has prepared them well for success!”
– Posted by Parent – AGH

“I attended the Washington New Church School when it first opened its doors 40 years ago, and am thrilled to have my two sons there now. WNCS prepared me for my career in engineering and management, as well as for my life as a contributing member of the local and greater Community. It is exciting to see that our little school has maintained its commitment to academic excellence as well as spiritual and moral strength, while expanding its commitment to growing and sharing the special type of education it offers to more families in the area.” ~ Sharon C, Upper Marlboro MD

“We have seen an amazing growth in our son academically and spiritually over the past year. Enrolling him at Washington New Church School has challenged some of his hidden talents and exposed his known talents such as art, etc.” ~ Wanda M. Bowie, MD

“Three of my children have gone through WNCS, and it’s an amazing place to learn and grow. The children feel safe and nurtured as well as intellectually stimulated. One can sense this in the atmosphere at the school: joyful and charged with energy. I can’t imagine a better place to prepare my children academically and spiritually.” Amanda H., Mitchellville, MD

“WNCS has been an important part of our family’s life for the past 18 years when the first of our five children started kindergarten. Our youngest child is now in the fifth grade and he and his brother and sisters have benefited from the dedicated faculty, small class size, and overall atmosphere of caring for each individual student. WNCS is a great school.” Angela B., Bowie, MD

“Our son appreciates the dedication, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of all his teachers. He especially enjoys the wonderful sense of community which envelops the entire school–faculty and students from Kindergarten through 10th grade.” David G., Greenbelt, MD

(Feb. 9, 2016) “High academics along with a wonderful caring atmosphere. My children have a second home here at WNCS. Small class sizes can offer plenty of one on one time crucial for a child’s education and general well being. Amazing!” ~ a parent

(Feb 3, 2016) “WNCS is so amazing this is our first year with this school and we love it. We get so many amazing activities sent home its amazing the small class room size is great one of the main reason we made the choice to send our son here but the love and support you get is absolutely amazing. Wouldn’t want to send him any where else.” ~ a parent

(Nov. 20, 2014) “WNCS is an amazing school! The classes are small and the level of education the children receive is first class. The teachers are wonderful caring people that really spend the time getting to know your children. I wouldn’t send my child anywhere else, he is in such good hands and has been since Kindergarten!” ~ a parent

(Mar. 5, 2014) “Best Kept Secret” My son attended WNCS for 5 years. I ask him what did he like about WNCS and he said how the teachers made him stay focus on the task. But at the same time, how they kept it fun and interesting and they show how the Lord works with all of it. Then I asked him what he didn’t like. And he said that he wish that he would have started at WNCS at Pre-K. To make a long story short my son is now attending 11th & 12th grade at their mother school in Pennsylvania. (WNCS is Pre-k -10th grade). I hope to see you and talk to you at the next Open House on Thursday 3 April 2014. We were so impressed with how our son has mature with the school and grown spirituality. Things that drew us to this school: Small class sizes, safe environment, caring teachers & staff, it’s affordable, the academics, and the way the Lord has guided and is a part of everything at this school.” ~ C. Moore

(Sept. 19, 2012) “WNCS has been a blessing to my family. The small class size, strong academics and the family feel of the school was the best decision we made for our son.” ~ a parent

(Jan 4, 2010) “Experienced teachers and small class sizes provide an excellent, nurturing learning environment with a thoroughly Christian orientation.” ~ a parent

(December 29, 2009)  “Washington New Church School is a wonderful environment for scholastic excellence in a Christian setting. The faculty and administrators are dedicated and caring. The test scores are fantastic, and the Christian values are priceless.” ~ a parent

(December 29, 2009)  “WNCS offers its students individualized attention, a rigorous academic curriculum, and the opportunity to learn from caring motivated teachers and fellow students.” ~ a parent

(December 29, 2009)  “WNCS is small with very close teacher to student interaction. The school and its faculty place high emphasis on Christian values and enforces desirable moral behavior. The level of instruction our children have received cannot be matched, and the outstanding test scores are evidence of a quality education! Highest recommendations.” ~ a parent

(December 29, 2009)  “I love WNCS! No where else would my children get such individualized attention. The multi grade classroom setting allows them to learn at the right pace and be challenged by other students in a non-competitive setting. Academics are top notch but I also appreciate the creative sphere at the school- with the art, music and PE classes allowing my children to learn through all the senses. The teachers are great and its nice to have such an involved set of parents. The spiritual sphere teaches my children charity, kindness and usefulness and this is something I don’t think they would get anywhere else.” ~ a parent

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