School Organization

The Washington New Church School was established and continues to exist as a service to families who want their children to grow in the light of the Lord’s Word especially as it is explained in the revelations of Emanuel Swedenborg.  It is therefore organized on the basis of principles drawn from these teachings applied to all fields of secular education including the arts and sciences.

Although the school is managed locally by a pastor/principal in consultation with its own volunteer school board, it is part of a larger international system of schools with resources and support centered in the Philadelphia area.  So, for example, many of our staff’s human resources concerns are administered from Philadelphia, but all decisions affecting students and their families are made locally.

The School Board meets monthly and consists of 6 men and women who are also members of the church, plus the pastor and/or principal as ex officio members.  This board is responsible for local administrative decisions but defers (with appropriate recommendations) to the church’s Board of Trustees in legal and financial matters.  The church is also fortunate to have among its members a number of lawyers and other professionals who can be consulted in areas of their expertise. To get a list of current School Board members, consult the Church and School Directory of call the school secretary.

All of our faculty members meet several times each month to consult and collaborate on the day-to-day management of the school, and to discuss academic, social, safety or disciplinary concerns as they arise.