Lunar Kickball

Kickball on the Moon—It’s a Blast! The 3rd and 4th grades launched an exciting game of kickball—that is, kickball as it might look if we were playing on the moon.  Maybe it wasn’t so much exciting as it was weird, funny, and interesting.  We imagined how conditions on the moon might change the game.  The very low gravity (one sixth of Earth’s) would make us able to jump high and lift heavy objects, but it would put running in slow motion and make kicking and turning direction very difficult.  Our heavy imaginary space suits would make movement awkward and slow.  The lack of atmosphere and the low gravity would allow the ball, once kicked, to move slowly and with an extremely long arc back to the ground.  After our game we wrote about what rules might need to be altered to make the game work on the moon.  We may have looked like a bunch of  SPACEY LUNAtics, but we had fun and learned a lot.